Young People and Networking

Networking is a massive part of many of today’s jobs – it is the most efficient way to meet a large number of potential clients face to face as well as build relationships resulting in the exchange of possible work opportunities.

As someone who spends much of my week networking, I rarely see someone of a similar age to me. Granted I am fortunate to be in the position where I get to do this, but with the growing number of young people going straight into work or apprenticeships over heading to university – wouldn’t you expect the number of us out meeting people and representing businesses to correlate?

Personally, I have learnt much more about my role and what we do as a company because of networking. This is because I have been forced to talk about it at length as well as answer questions on various aspects of commercial finance and the thought of not knowing what to say has made me really study and understand what my job is and how Start Point Finance helps other businesses.  In addition, I now have genuine experience of socialising in professional surroundings and am far better at communicating in a clear and understandable manner.

So – if you have taken on an apprentice or younger member of staff that is yet to interact with other businesses, bring them along next time you go networking. It will help their confidence, improve their knowledge of what your organisation does, they will be more productive when they get into the office and, you never know, they may even pick up a client or two.

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